The Future Fashion Folio

The Future Fashion Folio & Show is an event in three parts. The basic idea for a Future Fashion originated in 1958 and it has been a part of Costume-Con in some permutation from the beginning.

For Costume-Con 30 there are some variations to the standard format so please read all of the directions & rules.

The First Part: Future Fashion Design Contest – (deadline for entering Sept 1, 2011)

The Design Contest is open to everyone; you do not have to have a membership to the actual convention, be affiliated with any organized costuming group or even be a costumer.

You will not have to construct the garment you design so are not restricted to existing materials or techniques, natural or physical laws. Of course wearability would certainly affect whether your design might be chosen by a potential creator for the Show – remember most of our members are human.

We would like a wide variety of designs so below you’ll find a list of possible categories. Let them be an inspiration to you, this is not a limited list but a jumping off point. We will create categories to fit what we receive, not the other way around.

  • Accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Bridal Wear / Wedding Wear
  • Business / Occupational Wear
  • Ceremonial or Religious Wear
  • Children’s Wear
  • Couples
  • Court Wear
  • Day Wear
  • Entertainers (singers/actors/dancers/musicians)
  • Ethnic Outfits
  • Extrapolations based on the current “hot” science fiction shows on TV
  • Extrapolations based on classic science fiction shows
  • Festival Wear
  • Formal / Evening Wear
  • Heavy Worlders (higher gravity/larger body types)
  • Hostess Wear
  • Leisure Wear
  • Lingerie
  • Maternity Wear
  • Pseudo-Historical 
  • Sports Wear (including sports not yet invented)
  • Teens Wear
  • Uniforms (civilian or military, every day or dress)

You may submit as many designs as you like, whenever you like, multiple times if you like. You can even start now!! But the deadline is September 1, 2011. Design submission rules are below, please read them all before submitting your designs.

The Second Part: Future Fashion Folio

All submitted designs will be reviewed by a judging panel who will decide what will be included in the Future Fashion Folio. In the past the Fashion Folio was presented as a printed booklet that was distributed to members (and designers) by mail or at the convention. Due to rising printing & mailing costs we will be following the example started at CC28 & continued with CC29 of issuing the Folio as a PDF file which will be emailed upon completion. Special consideration will be made upon individual request for those who cannot receive a large sized file via email – the Folio could be burned onto a CD and mailed to those members.

Designs that have been accepted for the Folio will be organized into the PDF file just as if it were a printed Folio. Recipients may opt to print the entire file or portions thereof if they desire.

I hope to have the entire thing ready to go well before Thanksgiving so folks will have plenty of time to make and construct to construct their choices for the Show. Once the Folio is complete the next step in the process goes to the Future Fashion Show Director, Bruce Mai.

The Third Part: Future Fashion Show

The Future Fashion Show is the showcase for designs from the Future Fashion Folio, which is published prior to the convention. Members of the convention may select a design to present in a run-way style, non-masquerade setting, with provided music to set the mood. This is a low-stress event, with only three awards: Best Interpretation by the Designer, Best Interpretation by Non-Designer, and Best Overall. I am very proud to add that Bjo Trimble (“The Woman Who Saved Star Trek”) will be our Master of Ceremonies. She was also director of “Futuristic Fashion” shows at California conventions  back in the 1970s.

Once you have received your Folio, you may contact me with your choice. You are allowed to make up more than one design, but you may only appear once on stage, and you are responsible for finding your own models for any others you make. We will allow multiple renditions of the same Folio design and you will be informed in what order your request was received.  (After the third request for the same design, it will be suggested you consider an alternate choice.)

Most likely, the show will take place on Sunday. At the convention, entrants will need to be checked in, and there will be a pre-show rehearsal TBA, including working with the MC on pronunciations, etc. You will also meet with the judges during this time, who will make their award decisions based on execution of the designs, workmanship, and so on.  

As the convention gets closer, more details about the show will be finalized and posted on the website. I will be sending out occasional emails, to see how participants are doing and get an idea of how large the show will be.

Send your questions and requests to:

The Rules (everybody has to have some)

Disclaimer: Many of our rules are typical & the same as have been used every year for Costume-Con. There are some significant changes, addition & definitions that you'll need to pay attention to - they are italicized throughout and in most cases marked with **. Please pay attention to these, as they may be new to you even if you've participated in past Folios. These rules are derived from those prepared for CC25. 

1. All designs must be ORIGINAL IDEAS.

You can draw your designs on a traced figure or have someone else draw it for you, but the design must be original. Please give credit to anyone who helps you. Need croquis (figures to draw on)? Try these sites:

2. Designs may be submitted three ways: 

   i. Hard copy (aka: the old-fashioned way, on paper); all designs must be on white 8.5" x 11" (or A4) paper, photocopied *(not scanned & printed from your home computer), black & white line art.* 
   ii. On CD; you may scan your designs at home & put the files on a disk. *You may use any image format you desire, scanned at no less than 300 dpi & no more than 600 dpi. Use the same definition of line art as for hard copies.* 
   iii. *By email; you may send your designs as attachments to an email. One design (with text file) per email, JPEGs only between 300 & 600 dpi. Again use our standard definition of line art.* 
Submit these to:
   iv. *Definition: Line art - black ink on white background; not pencil, no shading, no colors. Include sufficient room around the image so the design doesn't run into the margins. 
See item #5 below for labeling & text file requirements & item #6 for naming conventions.


All designs should be photocopies or some graphic format.

4. You may, and we encourage you to, submit designs in color.

But we require a black & white line art copy of your design for reproduction in the Fashion Folio. Please make sure your drawings are neat and will reproduce well. This includes electronic format drawings. (See Definition: Line art 2.iv above) If you do send us color versions DO NOT use anything that requires spray fixative or that may smear, smudge, stick or flake off on other people's drawings.

5. Labeling & text file requirements 

   i. Your name and address MUST be marked clearly on the back of EACH AND EVERY design sheet submitted; include the design's name if it has one. Designs usually have descriptions which should include any appropriate information to help a maker construct the design; please put each description on a separate sheet, also labeled on the back. 
   ii. *If you submit your design on a CD please include the descriptions in .txt or .rtf format with your name and address as well as the name and description of your design; again one file per description not all in one. Also write your name on the CD in permanent ink. 
   iii. *If you submit your design by email please include the description in .txt or .rtf format with your name and address as well as the name and description of your design. Remember - one design with description per email.* 
   iv. In all cases, your email address & phone number are helpful.

6. Naming Conventions for the Designs:

Number entries consecutively on the back in the upper right hand corner. 
Example: if you submit 4 designs, they should be numbered as follows: "#1 of 4", "#2 of 4" etc. Color versions should be numbered "Color #1 of 4", etc. 
If you are submitting on CD each drawing file should be named "1 of 4 name of design.jpg", "2 of 4 name of design.jpg" and so forth. The text files for each design should be named "1 of 4 name of design text.(txt or rtf)". 
*Use the same method on emails - but Remember - one design with description per email.* 

7. Enter as many designs as you wish and as often as you wish

PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE OF September 1, 2011.

8. Identify the source of your inspiration (if any)

On the back or in the text portion of your design. 

9. Your designs will not be returned unless you request it

AND have also included a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope of SUFFICIENT SIZE and with SUFFICIENT POSTAGE on it with your designs.

10. Use of Designs

By submitting your designs to Costume-Con 30 you agree to the non-profit use & publication of said designs by Costume-Con 30 prior to & during the run of the conference and to their reproduction for the Fashion Show. All rights revert back to the designer after the conference.

11. Designers:

If you wish to make up one of your designs exclusively you may indicate that to us in your descriptive text. If that design is a winner you will be automatically listed as making it for the show. After the folio is published, designers will have first option on their designs. As in all CC30 stage events, you can make any number of designs, but you may appear on stage only once.

12. You do not have to be a member of Costume-Con 30 to submit designs

But you do have to be an attending member to make up a design and enter it in the Fashion Show. Designers of designs selected for publication will receive a copy of the Folio even if they are not members of the Convention.

13. Special Categories:

We have four special design categories with special prizes. Please indicate that you wish to be considered for a Special Category on the back of your design. All entries for these categories are eligible for the Folio in general. 

  1. Future Wild West – We’re going to be in the West so what would be best to wear in the West? In the Future? Consider climate or simply style.
  2. Future Steampunk – Steampunk from other directions: Teslapunk, Cyberpunk, Biopunk, Dieselpunk, Clockpunk, Atompunk (Okay, it’s not really Steampunk but let’s see where else we can go with this)
  3. Weddings – Enough of the all black bridal party! Let’s have some bridesmaids dresses that you really could wear again. Plus lots of lovely grooms & brides; how about designing for the couple as a set?
  4. Funerals – What do you wear to be respectful in a variety of circumstances or climactic conditions. Or what if you live in a cartoon? Or undersea?

Please snail-mail designs to: 
Nora Mai 
7835 Milan, St. Louis, MO 63130 
E-mail designs to:
Other questions? Same email!